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As a writer and performer, Keegan uses satire, drama and pop culture as devices to create liminal performance sites. He is interested in how people experience things through the body, not just the mind. He has used this approach in combination with his comedic sensibilities to create dynamic installations and performance works that can both surprise and unnerve his crowds. His use of what Rebecca Krefting calls "Charged Humor," or humor that doesn't just tear down the problems of society, but also seeks to present solutions.

He is an experienced improviser and performer. He studied improvisational comedy in the Conservatory at the Second City Training Center and at iO Theater in Chicago, IL. His improv duo "Googly Eyes" with Eric Schwartz performed at the Chicago Improv Festival in 2014. He also started a improv-video collective called Scriptless Films, which he used to explore and experiment with translating long-form improvisational structures taught for the stage in to films. The result was a show called "Scriptless Films" at the SCTC in which Keegan and a varying group of very talented improvisers would produce, perform and screen a new 25-45 minute film each week. He also produced and performed his own sketch show at the SCTC called Sidepiece. Each week, a new director and new co-star would join Keegan to write and perform an entirely new sketch show by Saturday night. As a director, Keegan had the privilege of working on a two-act improv-to-sketch revue called "In State of Emergency, Break Class."

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