The Artist is Present-ly Memeing is an ongoing collaboration with other artists, historical and contemporary. I imagine myself working with the artist who created a piece, pinpointing a gesture, tone, or detail to it’s relationship in space and using the aesthetic of memes to push the artworks in new directions. My intention in collaboration is similar (or maybe identical) to the work of curators who seek to create exhibitions that explore the connections between art movements and artists by including contemporary and historical pieces in relationships to each other within the gallery. With the same audacity as a curator, I want my memes to provide a platform for people who view them to time travel and experience the emotional weight of the work in a new context, similar context, or even an identical context. While writing, I spend time with the work of art. I use references to the artistic style, art movement, and artist.  When I am unsure about a work of art, I research the artist and the art movement to get inspiration. I also continue to actively stay current on news, politics, and discourse in the world. While the work is not about “Politics”, it does have politics in the context. Social, economic, and political engagement with my audience is important to me. The work does not take place outside of the world we live in. But my craft with this project is not a soap box, but a mirror. I want to reflect on the relationships between historical and contemporary experiences with the work.

Active Ingredients: 2 parts Fluxus, 1 part Internet-Art, 1 part Dada. Inactive Ingredients: pop art, this is fine dog, Marina Abramovic, Garfield, Italian futurism